By David McDonnell

Nick Chubb has been the best running-back in football this season and his coach Keven Stefanski trusted his star-man to lead the Browns to victory over their Ohio neighbors; the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

It was a dominant triumph for the Browns on Halloween night and they had the Bengals fans frightened when they held a third quarter of 0-25.

The Cincinnati offensive line found it hard to give Joe Burrow time in the pocket as the Cleveland pass rush were on top throughout. On defence they struggled majorly to contain the Browns rushing attack.

A low scoring first half saw the Browns lean heavily on their run game and Chubb led and finished off a second-quarter drive with a touchdown.

Chubb continued to hurdle and wade through the Bengals defence and had some eye-catching plays as the Browns took an 11 point lead into the break.

In the third quarter, Chubb brought his side down the field again and this time QB Jacoby Brissett ran into the endzone.

Brissett then found Amari Cooper for the next score.

Joe Burrow had a quiet night but did score two touchdowns to add respectability to the scoreline. The pick of which was when Tee Higgins mossed Greedy Williams to add it to his highlight reel. Burrow also found Tyler Boyd free in the endzone.

Nick Chubb continued where he left off in the fourth quarter by extending the lead to 32-6 from 21 yards for his 10th touchdown of the season.

It meant that the Cleveland Browns fans went home happy with the divisional win against their Ohio neighbors. Well most of them did anyway.

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