Top 5 Super Bowl Ads 

By David McDonnell 

This year it cost up to $7 million for a 30 second ad in the Superbowl. 

Money well spent? We’ll let you judge for yourselves as we give you the top five commercials after some excruciating research. Excruciating because there are some terrible ads to sit through as well.  

For everyone, especially those who don’t live Stateside , we ranked the five commercials from Sunday Night’s game.

5. Beer Fight

Because it had some originality and humour. 

4. Does Ben Stiller love the taste of Pepsi?

3. Woof, Cry, Woof.

Gets bronze only because there is no link to football.  

2. Run With It

Love the cameos, especially Aiden Hutchinson and Cam Hayward. 

  1. Do you like the taste of apples? 

Here is an extra one: 

Breaking Greatness to sell out for a Super Bowl commercial :

Best SuperBowl Rookies

By Conor Perrett

These two rookies have played an important part in getting their team to compete and now stand just one away from lifting the Lombardi Trophy. 


RB Isaiah Pacheco (7th Round) 

When Pacheco was selected with the 251st pick in the draft, there was probably no intention for him to make the impact he did in his rookie season. With 4.3 40-yard speed, Pacheco looked to be a return specialist that could also be a speedy piece in the backfield. 

That speedy piece has proved his worth and it was Week 1 when he started to make impacts with a rushing touchdown. It wasn’t soon after that Pacheco had beaten out the likes of Clyde Edwards-Helaire and was announced the starter by Week 7. From there, Pacheco grew into his role with 960 scrimmage yards on the season, leading NFL rookies and the most yards in NFL history from a seventh-round pick in his rookie year. He is coming off two excellent Post season performances in reaching the SuperBowl.


S Reed Blankenship (UDFA)

When you are as successful as Philly, it’s hard for rookies to make an immediate impact on the team. In Blankenship’s case he was the next man to step up when C.J. Gardner-Johnson went down mid-season and paved a way onto the starting defence.

Blankenship is the only rookie on this list to go undrafted, but that shouldn’t qualify how talented he is. Collecting 34 tackles, two pass breakups, and one INT, he started the season as No. 4 safety, but soon earned the right to No. 3 and got starting thanks to injuries. Gardner-Johnson soon returned but coaches still wanted the undrafted rookie on the field. Blankenship now comes into the lineup when the Eagles move into nickel, and will likely play a key role in the Superbowl 

Welcome to Smashmouthing Football!!!

By David McDonnell

Welcome to Smashmouthing Football!!!

This is an NFL sports column, I will be writing throughout the 2022/23 season.

I am aiming to inform and breakdown a variety of stories from the National Football League and both review and preview the match-ups each week throughout the season.

So why am i doing this?

I love the sport of American Football and my aim is to introduce the wonderful world of the NFL to a new audience across the world.

I will write a weekly preview and review column from now until the SuperBowl on various aspects of the National Football League that I deem interesting with the intention of finding a newspaper or website that will publish my weekly meanderings.

I’ll try be as entertaining as i can, so welcome to the Big Show. Strap yourself in for another roller-coaster of a season.

Hut Hut!!!