Trade Analysis: Calvin Ridley

By Conor Perrett 

After getting banned for a full season earlier in the year for betting on a Falcons versus Jaguars game, Calvin Ridley is coincidentally going from one of those teams to the other.

Would anyone other than Calvin Ridley have bet on that?

Calvin Ridley 2021 stats: Position: Wide Receiver, Receptions: 31, Yards: 281, Average: 9.1, Touchdowns: 2, PFF Grade: 64.2

Trade Details:

Jaguars Receive: Calvin Ridley

Falcons Receive:

  • 2024 2nd-Round Pick
  • 2023 5th Round Pick (Maximum)

Jaguars POV: 

Jacksonville never fails to impress by trading for a player who is banned for the season. The last time we saw Ridley play was back in Week 7 of 2021 and it would be nearly a whole two years from that date until he plays again. 

It’s a risky move from the Jaguars, especially giving up a second-round pick, but it could turn out to be a high reward.

Ridley has the potential to be a No. 1 receiver,and the Jaguars have already heavily invested in that position. They signed Christina Kirk and Zay Jones to big deals and already had Marvin Jones in place. They now spend a potentially high second-round pick on a receiver who wouldn’t have played for two years and is going into the final year of his contract. 

I get taking advantage of a rookie quarterback contract, but splashing it all on high risk receivers doesn’t seem sensible. The Jaguars are 2-5 with many holes on their team and if Ridley doesn’t pay off, it will only create more problems for them later down the line. 

Grade – C

Falcons POV – The relationship between Ridley and the Falcons went completely down a high-hill last season when Ridley wanted to take a step away from football for personal matters. Since then Ridley found himself in the betting situation and got himself banned for the entire 2022 season.

Ridley, who was already on the trade block then had to wait for his move until his suspension was over. Well, now both parties got what they wanted with them parting ways.

During the incidents of last season, Ridley was valued as a second-round pick. But with a year on from not seeing him on the football field, you might think that his value would have only decreased. That is not the case as the Falcons managed to get that second round pick along with a Day 3 pick as well.

With the risk that comes with Ridley, the compensation that Atlanta has received seems like great draft capital for a player who didn’t fit their system or want to play for them again. It allows them to continue their rebuild, grab amazing draft capital, free cap space and not lose anything that they didn’t already have. 

Grade – A

Trade Analysis: Bradley Chubb

By Conor Perrett 

The big deal everyone has been waiting for has happened, with Bradley Chubb getting a move to Miami for a first-round pick in 2023 and more.

Bradley Chubb stats: Position: Outside Linebacker, Solo Tackles: 15, Sacks: 5.5, Forced Fumbles: 2, PFF Grade: 74.9

Trade Details:

Dolphins Receive:

  • Bradley Chubb
  • 2025 5th-Round Pick

Broncos Receive:

  • 2023 1st Round Pick (SF Pick)
  • 2024 4th Round Pick
  • RB Chase Edmonds

Dolphins POV:

The Dolphin’s defence just got a massive boost with the former fifth overall from the 2018 NFL Draft making his way to Miami. The trade that has been looming over the heads of the NFL for the last week now, but Miami pulled the trigger to acquire the edge-rusher. 

What the trade shows more than anything is Miami is fully committed to Tua and the process they currently are in. Their offence is flying high and with the acquisition of Chubb to their defensive line, opposing offences now have another rusher to worry about. 

Overall I like this trade for the Dolphins. They give up a late first rounder and a back-up running back to get a game changer at a premium position. The next part of the deal will be how they tackle Chubb’s contract.

Grade: B

Broncos POV:

Denver have traded away a huge piece of their defence no more than seven months after they seemingly were going all in for a Super Bowl win. 

Overall, I don’t mind the compensation they got for Chubb, considering he was on an expiring contract but the timing of this deal makes no sense from an outsider’s perspective. 

Denver went all in when they traded for Russell Wilson and things haven’t started quite how they would have liked. But they are just coming off a win heading into the bye week and it seemed like a good point to turn their season around.

Now they have traded away one of their biggest stars on their defence, which is the best unit in the league for future draft capital. It’s a massive risk. 

Grade: D 

Trade Analysis: William Jackson III

By Conor Perrett 

The Pittsburgh Steelers are pulling strings at the death of the trade deadline, with a new addition in the secondary after trading for William Jackson III, from the Washington Commanders.

William Jackson III stats: Position: Corner-back, Solo Tackles: 15, Interceptions: 0, Pass Deflections: 2, PFF Grade – 49.6

Trade Details:

Steelers Receive: William Jackson III and a conditional seventh-round draft pick in 2025

Commanders Receive: conditional sixth-round draft pick in 2025

Steelers POV: After the trade of Chase Claypool, Pittsburgh hopped straight back into action as they traded for William Jackson III. 

Only a year out from his three-year $40 million contract in the nation’s capital, Jackson and Washington decided to part ways due to a scheme difference. Wanting to play more man coverage, Jackson will have the chance to do so on a talented Steelers’ defence.

Jackson played his best ball when at the Cincinnati Bengals during the first four years of his career. The former first-round pick in 2016 then moved to Washington where things didn’t quite work out.

He now finds himself on an aggressive Steelers defence that will suit his playing-style and he looks to be the lock-down corner he formerly was. 

Grade: B

Commanders POV: Reports came earlier in the day that if Jackson wasn’t dealt before the trade deadline, then he would be released from Washington. 

The Commanders were able to find a trade partner at the end, to pick up some draft capital and move on from their big free agent signing only a year ago.

Overall, things didn’t work out for the corner-back in the capital city but they were able to get some compensation, which is always a plus. Their defence has been improving as the season has gone on and one less distraction will only improve that. 

While the contract they gave to Jackson was in hindsight, a bad decision, it shows strong decision making from the front office to move on from the deal instead of playing out a bad hand.

Grade: C

Trade Analysis: Chase Claypool

By Conor Perrett 

In a trade that had been looking likely for weeks, the Chicago Bears have just acquired Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool.

Chase Claypool stats: Position: Wide Receiver, Receptions:32, Yards: 311, Average: 9.7, Touchdowns: 1, PFF Grade: 61.3

Trade Details 

Bears Receive: Chase Claypool

Steelers Receive: 2023 2nd-Round Pick

Bears POV: The receiver position has been a big issue for the Bears all season and Justin Fields has just got some much needed help, in the form of 6’4 Chase Claypool. 

Claypool exploded onto the scene in his rookie season when he caught 62 passes for 873 yards and nine touchdowns. He followed it up the next year with 59 more passes caught for 860 yards and another two scores. Yet now only in his third year in the NFL, the talented receiver has found a new home in Chicago.

Claypool has seemingly been on the trade block for the last week with numerous teams interested in his talent. After the rise of Geroge Pickens this season for the Steelers, Claypool found himself down the depth chart and reportedly wanted out.

Claypool, 24, is under contract through 2023 and he’s the kind of young vertical threat this Bears passing game has been missing. After acquiring a second-round pick yesterday from Roquan Smith, Chicago wasted no time in going after the talented receiver.

Grade: B

Steelers POV: After weeks of rumours about Chase Claypool, we finally know he will leave the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Claypool’s initial rise looked great for the Steelers but their relationship seemed to fall rapility this year. On the field Claypool is a tall talented receiver who is extremely athletic. But with a similar project in George Pickens showing flashes, Pittsburgh decided it was right to part ways.

It’s still now known that Chicago will be sending over their own second rounders and not the one they acquired from Baltimore’s yesterday. But it’s a useful asset that Pittsburgh will have on their hands. With a rookie quarterback at the helm, it’s important for the Steelers to put talent around him and if the organisation felt Claypool wasn’t ideal, then getting a pick in the top 64 in next year’s draft is good, if not great value. 

Grade: B+

Trade Analysis: TJ Hockenson 

By Conor Perrett

We have our first trade of the deadline and it’s an in-division trade with TJ Hockenson going from the bottom of the NFC North to the top with a move to the Minnesota Vikings.

TJ Hockenson stats: Position: Tight-end, Receptions – 26, Yards – 395, Average – 15.2, Touchdowns – 3, PFF Grade – 69.4

Trade Details 

Vikings Receive:

  • TJ Hockenson
  • 2023 4th-round pick
  • 2024 Conditional 4th-round pick

Lions Receive:

  • 2023 2nd-round pick
  • 2024 3rd-round pick

Vikings POV: In a rare in-division trade TJ Hockenson won’t have to travel far to Minnesota as the Vikings get themselves a great all round tight end. 

Now in his fourth season, Hockenson was highly rated coming out of college for his blocking ability, while having the talent to run routes like a reciever. In the NFL, that is where we have seen Hockenson at his best, being able to run any route in the playbook. He got to the Pro Bowl in 2019 doing it and in a pass-heavy Vikings scheme, he should be able to excel even further. 

TJ’s blocking reputation has left a lot to be desired and he has not translated to the pros from what we saw in college. Whether it’s in pass protection or run blocking, Hockenson has had a difficult time chipping edges or blocking them straight up.

All in all this trade for the Vikings improves them greatly as they run away with their division. They add a great receiver option that will give Kirk Cousins a big target in the end-zone, something he has been missing since Kyle Rudolph. 

On his day TJ can be a top-5 tight end, but he can also be very inconsistent.  With a pay day on the horizon, will the Vikings cough up that money for him?

Grade : A-

Lions POV: When former tight end Dan Campbell came into town it looked primed for the current incumbent TJ Hockenson to explode. He had just come off a break-out year and entering a rebuild, Hockenson was the only weapon Jared Goff had. 

Now the Lions have added a few new targets into their offence since then and T.J would regularly fall into the shadows. His involvement became inconsistent and Goff would turn to other receivers instead of his old top target Hockenson.

The Lions now move up to gain second and third round picks and give up two fourth round selections. 

Was it worth it? It opens another hole for this team which isn’t ideal, but entering the final year of his contract next year it seemed Hockenson wouldn’t be around for much longer anyway. He is due a new big contract and the Lions did not want to pay him that so they cashed in now for some picks.

For the Lions it means they now have five picks in the top 65 in next year’s draft and frees up some much needed cap space. The position  won’t be easy to fill in the meantime but after a 6-1 start they can take a long term view on things. 

Grade: B-