By Conor Perrett

It only feels like yesterday that I was previewing the Chiefs vs Chargers to start the season, but we are already at our last Thursday Night Football of the season. 

And to finish off football on the TNF season, we have a weird match-up with the Cowboys travelling to play the Titans. 

Both teams are heading in different directions coming to the end of the season, with Dallas already in the playoffs with a slim shot at the NFC East title, while Tennessee on the other hand are on a four-game losing streak and being forced into starting rookie QB Malik Willis.

Tennessee Titans (7-8)

Power Rankings – 21st

DVOA Rankings: Offence – 20th, Defence – 17th, ST – 26th: Overall – 24th 

In a weird twist, this game for the Titans is completely meaningless. No matter what happens tonight, it will have no change on the Titans chances of making the playoffs because in Week 18, they face off against fellow AFC South rivals the Jaguars, with the winner taking the division title and hosting a playoff game.

Sadly, head-coach Mike Vrable understands this as well and unfortunately is resting all his starters due to this reason. That basically means Tennessee will be rocking a ‘B team’ for this game as they have their eyes firmly set on Jacksonville next week.

Dallas Cowboys (11-4)

Power Rankings – 6th

DVOA Rankings: Offence – 13th, Defence – 2nd, ST – 3rd: Overall – 4th

While the Titans will be playing their backups, this game is still crucial for the Cowboys chances of pulling off a miracle to win the NFC East. On their end of things, winning out is the only way and  it’s perfect timing with an offence that is now hitting their stride.

The two-headed rushing monster of Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard have been terrorising the league this season, though Pollard may be a miss for Dallas. Dak Prescott has had some turnover issues as of late, but is still putting up big numbers that has caused this offence to rank first in points per drive since their bye week.


The Cowboys enter this game as 11-point favourites and it’s easy to see why. Even if you take away the point of Tennessee resting their starters, Dallas have been a far superior team over the last month.

Their defence was already a top-five unit in the league, while the offence is now slowly joining them. Despite potentially missing their secret superstar Tony Pollard, the Cowboys should have no problem finding the endzone and controlling the game. 

Cowboys 30-6 Titans

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