By David McDonnell

The Vikings bounced back after their hammering against Dallas on Sunday by beating the Patriots 26-33 in what turned out to be a highly entertaining game, that ebbed and flowed with big plays and terrific scores throughout. 

Any thoughts of a defensive game were put to bed on the opening drive with Kirk Cousins finding his favourite target Justin Jefferson on the drive and again for a touchdown.

Mac Jones hit back with his best drive of the season which was up tempo and he threw a great pass for Nelson Agelhor to catch and turn into the endzone to level the scores.

Cousins then tried to find Jefferson on third and 10 in double coverage but got intercepted by rookie Jonathan Jones who recorded his third pick of the season. 

It was 10-10 and rookie Marcus Jones had a great kick-off return to midfield, which set up a Nick Folk kick from 46 yards. The Vikings replied with Cousins finding Jefferson in space between three defenders to make another highlight catch.

Hockenson then brought the play to first and goal and on play-action scored a touchdown to retake the lead. Joseph missed the PAT, which is the fifth time he has done so this season. 

With over a minute before the break, Mac Jones led his team down the field for Folk to kick a late field goal to leave the scores 16-16 at half-time.

On his opening drive of the third quarter Jones found Hunter Henry on play action and a missed tackle saw the tight-end run an extra 15 yards into the endzone. 

On the next play Nwangwu gets out the containment on the kick return and runs along the left sideline all the way to the endzone to tie the game 23-23.

What a game it was turning out to be.

Jones had his best game of the season led his team straight back up the field and Hunter Henry broke the plane while catching the ball but it came loose as he went to the ground. The video referee ruled that the score didn’t count. Pats were left to kick a field goal for a three point lead.

Cousins went back to Jefferson who came up with another big catch and Captain Kirk, a play action specialist found Adam Thielen at the back of the endzone for a touchdown.

Jones did get a late chance to go 97 yards in less than a minute with no timeouts but time ran out before they could get within striking distance.

Vikings lead the NFC North with a record of 9-2. 

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