By Conor Perrett

In what might be one of the biggest mismatches on paper in the 2022 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles put their undefeated record on the line when they travel to take on the Houston Texans. 

Houston Texans (1-5-1)

Power Rankings – 32nd

DVOA Rankings: Offence – 31st; Defence – 30th; ST – 6th: Overall – 32nd

The Texans don’t have a lot going for them right now as being ranked 32nd, 31st and 30th in overall, offensive and defensive DVOA respectively, is a tough situation in the NFL.

What they do have is some young rookie pieces who are showing promise for an noncompetitive side. No one looks as good in a Houston uniform than running-back Dameon Pierce right now, who will need a monster game if the Texans stand any chance of winning. The fourth-rounder is 12th in the league in rushing on 4.5 yards per carry behind a mediocre offensive line, for a team often playing from behind. 

Philly’s run defence ranks 22nd in DVOA against the run and with nose tackle Jordan Davis sidelined, maybe Pierce can burst through to the second level to get the home fan roaring.

Philadelphia Eagles (7-0)

Power Rankings – 2nd

DVOA Rankings: Offence – 3rd; Defence – 2nd; ST – 26th: Overall – 2nd

The Eagles are the NFL’s only remaining unbeaten team and are firing on all cylinders right now. They head into this matchup with a top-five scoring offence and defence, after just steamrolling the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday. Quarterback Jalen Hurts has become the star of the show, after an off-season of questions wondering if he may be ‘the guy’ or not.Almost through the first half of the season we know the answer to that.

With 16 touchdowns on the year (10 passing and six rushing), he’s been the dual-threat quarterback we saw in college and has taken that a step further in the NFL.

When you also have A.J.Brown lined up outside of you, it does make life easier. Brown’s stock is as high as ever, after coming off a three touchdown performance in the first half alone. He’s up to averaging 17 yards per catch and is looking like one of the better pickups in the off-season, which is becoming a regular theme for General Manager Howie Roseman. The addition of pass-rusher Robert Quinn from the Bears is another statement signing that shows the Eagles are taking a Superbowl shot this year. 

The Eagles are currently flying high in the NFC, with the first seed looking strong and at least a two-game cushion over every other team in their NFC East. 


I’s hard to see the Eagles losing this game, and I don’t even see the Texans keeping it close. 

Any metric you look at suggests the Eagles should have no problem moving the ball, with them being so well rounded in the run and pass. The Eagles have built a flexible offence that can adjust to whatever opponent it is playing. If you just look at last week and see the damage Derrick Henry did on the ground to the Texans’ D, then controlling the game through the run should be the way of attack for Philadelphia.

Worrying about the rushing ability of Miles Sanders will only open the door more for hometown boy Jalen Hurts to find space as well. The Texans have been horrible at stopping the run whether it be a running back or quarterback back all year, so buckle up your seat-belts and good luck in fantasy if you’re facing Hurts, Sanders or Brown this week.

Eagles 38, Texans 13

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