By Conor Perrett 

In a trade that had been looking likely for weeks, the Chicago Bears have just acquired Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool.

Chase Claypool stats: Position: Wide Receiver, Receptions:32, Yards: 311, Average: 9.7, Touchdowns: 1, PFF Grade: 61.3

Trade Details 

Bears Receive: Chase Claypool

Steelers Receive: 2023 2nd-Round Pick

Bears POV: The receiver position has been a big issue for the Bears all season and Justin Fields has just got some much needed help, in the form of 6’4 Chase Claypool. 

Claypool exploded onto the scene in his rookie season when he caught 62 passes for 873 yards and nine touchdowns. He followed it up the next year with 59 more passes caught for 860 yards and another two scores. Yet now only in his third year in the NFL, the talented receiver has found a new home in Chicago.

Claypool has seemingly been on the trade block for the last week with numerous teams interested in his talent. After the rise of Geroge Pickens this season for the Steelers, Claypool found himself down the depth chart and reportedly wanted out.

Claypool, 24, is under contract through 2023 and he’s the kind of young vertical threat this Bears passing game has been missing. After acquiring a second-round pick yesterday from Roquan Smith, Chicago wasted no time in going after the talented receiver.

Grade: B

Steelers POV: After weeks of rumours about Chase Claypool, we finally know he will leave the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Claypool’s initial rise looked great for the Steelers but their relationship seemed to fall rapility this year. On the field Claypool is a tall talented receiver who is extremely athletic. But with a similar project in George Pickens showing flashes, Pittsburgh decided it was right to part ways.

It’s still now known that Chicago will be sending over their own second rounders and not the one they acquired from Baltimore’s yesterday. But it’s a useful asset that Pittsburgh will have on their hands. With a rookie quarterback at the helm, it’s important for the Steelers to put talent around him and if the organisation felt Claypool wasn’t ideal, then getting a pick in the top 64 in next year’s draft is good, if not great value. 

Grade: B+

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