By David McDonnell

Two minutes and seven seconds into this contest, there was going to be no repeat of the low scoring affairs of recent Thursdays, as the Saints already had the first touchdown when Andy Dalton found Rachid Shaheed with a play-action pass from 53 yards. 

Dalton starts off with a TD

Kyler Murray responded immediately finding slot Rondale Moore and a few plays later Rodrigo Blankenship kicked from midfield to get the Cards on the board. New Orleans went on a 15-play nine-minute drive but when they got 10 yards out Dalton was picked off for teh first time of the night by Antonio Hamilton.

Blankenship had to kick again on fourth down to reduce the margin to one point as Arizona had trouble punching it in.

Then New Orleans increased their lead. First receiver Kevin White caught the ball and took off down the left sideline for a 64-yard play to go down the three yard line. On second down, Dalton passed to Taysom Hill who barged his way over to extend the lead to 14-6. 

The Cards hit back with running-back Keaontay Ingram managing to finish off a good drive by Murray and the two-point conversion by Eno Benjamin tied the game 14-14 with two minutes left in the half. 

The game turned on two plays within two minutes. 

Cardinals corner-back Marco Wilson had a pick-six to give the Cardinals a six-point lead.

Dalton then had his second interception in two minutes and when his throw was returned for a touchdown by Isiah Smmons to leave the scores 14-28 at halftime. 

A Will Lutz field goal narrowed the gap to 11. However, Murray then found Greg Dortch at the end of a 15-play drive to increase the gap to 17-35.

Saints tight-end Juwan Johnson got two fourth quarter touchdowns in between an Eno Benjamin TD to leave the final score 34-42 to the home side at Glendale, Arizona.

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