By David McDonnell

It all came down to the final play of the game.

For a contest that was 3-0 at half time, this was decent fare between two of the poorer NFL sides so far this season.

It was competitive throughout, with Justin Fields showing flashes of his talent as did the Commanders D-line still without Chase Young, which did well to put the young QB under pressure, getting sacks and an important first quarter redzone turnover when Jonathon Allen caught the ball after it had deflected into the air from the helmet of his teammate Efe Obada. 

In the third quarter, Chicago started to get their run game going and Fields threw one of the best touchdowns for his career so far finding Dante Pettis in the corner of the end zone while under pressure at midfield. 

Heading into the final quarter a second Joey Slye kick had the scores 6-7. 

Velus Jones Jr made a significant mistake when he failed to catch a punt and it gave the Commanders possession inside 10 yards. Two runs later and Brian Robinson Jr got the first touchdown of his career, less than two months since he was shot twice in a car-jacking. A missed two-point attempt saw five points separating the sides. 

Fields got possession with just under two minutes remaining. By the time, he got to midfield he took off left on a scramble and with no options available,  he took off on a run to bring the Bears down to five yards out with a first and goal. 

The Commanders defence did well to keep them out and on fourth down, Fields threw to Darnell Mooney who came down with the ball, but only after he had been pushed out of the endzone by corner-back Benjamin St-Juste for a Washington win.

A tough loss for the Bears but on a good note, Fields looked the best player on Soldier Field last night.  

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