By Conor Perrett

With the NFL trying something new this week with two MNF games, it does mean more writing for me. 

Lucky for me that means I get to research more football, so with our first installment of Monday Night Football previews, I’ll be looking at last year’s AFC first and third seeded play-off teams.

Buffalo Bills

Defense-adjusted Value Over Average: defensive rankings which take into account the quality of offensive opponents

Now, with a little hint into a series I’ll be starting next week, this Buffalo team is the team to beat in the NFL right now. It all starts with the man in the huddle Josh ‘Stallion’ Allen. After his heartbreak loss to the Chiefs last January, Allen hasn’t taken it lightly and looks to be a man on a mission to get a Super Bowl ring on his finger.

Bills Injury Report

Along with the rest of the offence, we’re still finding out what their full potential can be. 

Stefon Diggs is the star WR every top offence needs, last going for eight receptions for 122 yards and a TD while facing up against perennial Pro-Bowler Jalen Ramsey. Behind him there is less certainty with guys like Isaiah McKenzie, Jamison Crowder, Devin Singletary, Zack Moss and Dawson Knox all flashing in their own way. So far the offence works great as a unit, but will the supporting cast consistently contribute? 

The defence are an aggressive bunch, who hunt for the ball and have no mercy while doing so. Stacked from top to bottom with talent on all three levels, they stopped the reigning Super Bowl champs last week and the defence was a good part of that. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was highly recruited this past off-season for head coaching jobs and the Bills will be more than happy with his coaching on their sideline still.

Tennessee Titans

Defense-adjusted Value Over Average: defensive rankings which take into account the quality of offensive opponents

As previously mentioned, this team was the AFC #1 seed heading into the playoffs last season, but a lot has changed since then, with them losing many key players, especially on the offence.

The decision to not pay AJ Brown was an eyebrow raiser, but as they look towards the future in Treylon Burks, it may take time for him to reach the heights of Brown, if he ever does. 

The offensive line also went through some changes with starting guards, David Quessenberry and Rodger Saffold, moving on and lesser-known replacements being brought in.

The big name over in Tennessee is the king of running-backs Derrick Henry. The big man has many career highlights to his name but with the changing parts in offence and Henry coming off an ACL injury from last year, there are many question marks to this previous top-ranked team. 

MNF Titans’ Injury Report


In recent years the Titans have caused problems for the Bills, and while the saying goes ‘history always repeats itself, a lot has changed. 

For starters the Titans don’t quite look like the team they once were. They’re coming off a disappointing loss to the Giants last week, and with an already weakened team from the off-season, just gone they’ve also lost some players to injury. One of which was corner-back Fulton, who was looking to match-up against ‘fans trash talker’ Stefon Diggs.

With Henry struggling in his first game back from injury and the offence struggling to pass and run the ball, this Bills defence, which looks to be one of the best in football, will be too much for them. 

Through the metrics of DVOA and the eyes of myself, I believe this Bills team is the No.1 team in the league right now. With a scary defence that looks unforgivable and an offence run by Josh Allen, it doesn’t matter what weapons you give him, he’ll still look like the best QB in the NFL right now. 

For me I can’t look past the Bills here and I’m sure the Bills mafia tailgaters may have some sore backs from jumping tables, but it will be all worth it by the end if they reign supreme in February.

Prediction: Titans 17-34 Bills

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